Lori Wilke travels as a singer and conference speaker. She has written several books and recorded several CDs. Her music and teaching are used to bring healing and encouragement to those she ministers to. Lori is committed to reaching the lost, encouraging the Body of Christ and building up the local church. Her vision is to turn broken-hearted people into victorious leaders.

Lori is sent out of her own local church through the vehicle of Spirit to Spirit Ministry.  She reaches out through her music, books, TV, radio, conferences and special ministry events. In addition to traveling in the USA and abroad, Lori is a pastor with her husband Tom and daughter Laurelle at Spirit Life Church in Milwaukee, WI.


Lori uses the vehicle of music to bring salvation to the lost, God’s love to hurting people and hope to the broken and discouraged. Her music gently draws people to the Lord bringing healing and comfort. Lori’s music is written and sung in such a way that the listener experiences a personal “heart to heart” relationship with the Lord. Because of this, her music has become very sought after and requested on many radio stations.

Lori’s newest release entitled, "Where He Leads Me" ministers the power of God’s Spirit while drawing us into a surrendered and devoted life to His calling and service.

Lori’s recording entitled," Farther" reaches out to the unsaved with a contemporary sound and relevant message. Her first release entitled, "Here I Am" speaks directly to the listeners’ heart by ministering the comfort of God’s presence in a healing and powerful way.  Her second recording entitled, "Hand In Hand" encourages each member of the Church to walk in their calling as a vital part of God’s purposes and walk in a hand in hand together.  Lori also has a special  recording for the Holiday Season called, "Love For Christmas".


The message Lori delivers is truly a life changing experience. During Lori’s meetings and through her music many lives are blessed and transformed by the love and power of God. Many receive salvation, restoration, healing, and new hope for their lives. In addition to Lori’s music, she has written two books, The Costly Anointing and The Requirements for Greatness published by Destiny Image. These books are written to equip the saints in their ministry and teach the leadership principles necessary to fulfill their calling. As you read them, you will be renewed and challenged to a fully dedicated life of powerful service in God’s Kingdom!

Turning broken-hearted people into victorious leaders.